Dealing With Roofing Problems In The Fall Month

Roof problems often give homeowners a headache and take a toll on their wallets. Most of these problems occur due to lack of inspection and maintenance. Some issues are unique to the different seasons of the year like the fall, and there are those that occur throughout all seasons.

Moisture and leaks

A leaking roof is a nuisance to homeowners. Leaks may occur due to improper installation and inadequate flashing. Torch applied bitumen roofs may have a problem with moisture if there wasn’t a proper moisture barrier put under a coping cap.

Backwater can get under the roof causing leaks and blisters. When using single-ply roofs, make sure that all the seams are properly done to keep water from leaking.


Improperly installed flashing always has open seams and laps that result to blow- offs and low resistance to puncture. Seams that have been made with cold adhesives do not hold until the glue has cured completely. If the seams are exposed to the wind before the adhesive cures, them they will be prone to blow-off and leaks.


Damage to roofs by foot traffic is always something that homeowner’s experience, especially those with single ply or SPF (Spray Polyurethane Form) roofing. This occurs mostly due to foot traffic on the roof more so during the fall when someone gets up there to do checks and remove leaf debris in preparation for winter.

The performance of your roof is diminished when there is the new installation of equipment or roof parts due to the penetrations that come with such activity. Another major problem, especially for a metal roof is caulking. This is detrimental because metal roofs move a lot in expansion and contraction and any seals made are likely to go weak with regular movement.

Limit the traffic on the roof or get an expert to install walking paths on the roof or have sacrificial layers added to places that will be used as footpaths.

Improper repairs

This is a problem for roofs during the fall, and they have long-term consequences on the home. Improper repairs can occur in several ways. The use of inappropriate material when doing the repair is one of them. There are specific materials that are intended for specific roof types and may result in damage when used elsewhere.

Some of the roof repair procedures need to be professionally handled, and doing-it-yourself will not do you any good. Ensure that you get a professional to handle such. In case the magnitude of repair is manageable without the help of a professional, it is good to have all the information you can get to enable you to take informed actions.